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Why We Love Sweaters?

Why We Love Sweaters?

Dec 14,2022
When the temperature outside started to drop, we started reaching for our sweaters. But why do we wear them? A sweater is more than just a fashion statement. They have a purpose. In this article, we'll explore the history of sweaters and why we wear them in winter.

Sweaters were originally designed for function rather than fashion. In the early days of sweaters, they were just a way to keep warm. Made of wool, cashmere, or other insulating materials, sweaters are worn by sailors, fishermen, and other workers who spend time outdoors in cold weather. Today, sweaters are still worn for warmth, but they have also become a fashion must-have.

We now have sweaters in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. And we don't just wear them in the winter; sweaters have become a year-round wardrobe staple. So, why do we wear sweaters? For warmth, for style, or both? Whatever the reason, sweaters are a wardrobe staple.

Our sweaters come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and textures, and they're universally flattering. A full on-trend knit and waistband give this top a flattering, stylish look. We couldn't think of anything better than our cozy sweater, and it wasn't very warm either. There's nothing like a sweater for winter, no matter what season is on your calendar. Because the lightweight cardigan can be worn all day, it's perfect for daytime wear. This cotton open cardigan is perfect for working at a chilly desk. The blend retains its shape and color through repeated wash and wears cycles.

Clothes are not as effective as air at preventing heat loss. As a result, the air around the body remains warm and prevents body heat loss.

Air is an example of a thermal insulator. This layer keeps our body at a constant temperature, thus preventing heat loss. More air is trapped in thinner clothing so we don't feel cold. We wear an extra layer of clothing in winter to keep us warmer than just a blanket.

Sweaters get hot on hot summer days, so we know they absorb heat...  

For example, when you wear a well-fitting fleece sweater, your skin traps a thin layer of air between you and the environment, keeping you warm. The boundary layer will be warmer than a sweater due to warm body heat, and since the sweater protects the layer, it won't blow away from your body.

The above briefly introduces the benefits of sweaters and why sweaters keep you warm. If you want to buy sweaters, please contact us.

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