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Stitch Type

We have more than 20 years of sweater production experience and have done more than 500+ kinds of stitches.

By providing your pictures, descriptions or samples, we will create the same stitch.

We can weave two different stitches together.

Common Sweater Stitch Type


One of the common patterns, especially in Aran and Guernsey sweaters. They typically run vertically.


It can be used to make complex knot patterns, which are common in monochrome sweaters.


A traditional Aran Island motif meant to represent the hard-working industry of honeybees. It's also one of the bulkier patterns, with lots of closely spaced bends.

Zig Zag:

Brightness to casual sweaters.

Irish moss(seed stitch)

Mat-like surface with a bumpy texture.


Our team has specialized research on sweater patterns, and the designed clothes have a good reputation in export trade.

We will create a pattern that meets your needs.


Our design team will design on demand.

similar pattern

We will recommend similar pattern designs.

Common Sweater Patterns



Striped patterns are generally used in solid color sweaters to increase the pop. The wider the line, the softer it is on the eyes.



A classic sweater style with an argyle pattern, it looks effortless, comfortable and earthy.

Fair Isle

Fair Isle:

Very eye-catching sweater, usually patterned in up to 5 colors.


As a member of the famous sweater manufacturing city in China, we have the most comprehensive source of fabrics. We have long-standing relationships with the world's best fabric manufacturers and suppliers.

Blended fabrics (ex: Cotton/Spandex) are comprehensive.

We can recommend the best alternatives.

Fabric samples can be ordered.

We purchase high-quality and cost-effective fabrics for you.

The leftovers of the fabric will be made into sweaters and donated to children in poverty-stricken mountainous areas.

Common Sweater Materials



A natural plant-based fiber, used in various garments. Cotton fibers are soft, strong, absorbent, easy to clean and affordable. This type of material usually makes sweaters a popular choice.



A natural fiber, and very warm, wool is the best choice if you need a warm sweater, but wool is difficult to clean, often very expensive, and can sometimes cause itching.



A synthetic fiber. Mimic wool's qualities, such as warmth, at a lower price. At the same time acrylic is light and soft.



A very luxurious material that is as warm and soft as wool. And it's less itchy than wool, but cashmere is often very expensive and requires careful maintenance.

Specialty Fibers

Specialty Fibers:

Alpaca or angora sweaters, etc., are based on natural fibers from animals with properties similar to wool.

Fiber Blends

Fiber Blends:

Synthesized from common materials such as cotton and wool. Combine the characteristics of both.

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