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8 Sweater Outfits to Wear in Winter

8 Sweater Outfits to Wear in Winter

Dec 7,2022
When it comes to dressing for cold weather, a classic chunky knit is a must. After all, there's no shortage of ways to style a sweater, whether you're dressing up for fall date night or want to create a cozy, casual look that feels regal and fun at the same time.

This season, we're aiming to get creative with this versatile piece, so we've rounded up some sweater outfit inspiration for chilly fall and winter mornings. In addition to timeless combinations, we've included some well-crafted solutions and celebrity-endorsed ideas.

Sweater with Jeans

Here's the easy look we're daydreaming about on a particularly cold day: a simple sweater and jeans. This look will never go out of style as it consists of basic wardrobe essentials. Play with statement accessories like layered necklaces and hats, and try out seasonal trends like platform boots to create your own look.

Sweater Worn Under Overalls

While some may think of it as summer clothing (especially when paired with a crop top or tank top), it's actually seasonless. Layer one over an oversized sweater for a quick and stylish solution. You can dress it up with loafers or heeled boots, or even experiment with outerwear (everything from a leather jacket to a tailored blazer). If you want to keep it casual, choose sneakers.

Sweater with Skirt

Loose sweaters and fitted skirts go hand in hand. Tuck your chunky top into the front of your skirt and experiment with different hem lengths. Cuddle up to bare legs while it's still warm, then slip on tights when the temperature cools down. As for footwear, skirts and tall boots are perfect, but curly sock-style flats, Mary Janes, or sneakers will definitely help you complete your school uniform look.

Sweater weather means never having to sacrifice style for comfort—especially since your favorite oversized knit will likely double as a dress. Embrace jellyfish fishing by pairing this piece with a form-fitting lower body, whether that means adding some leggings and a pair of sleek heels, or opting for knee-high boots.

Sweater with Leggings

Leggings can be both comfortable and regal if designed smartly. A longer sweater can be worn with high-waisted leggings and thick socks for the ultimate casual look. Faux leather leggings, on the other hand, will give your knitwear a fancy twist, or provide a striking contrast to a sweater with feminine details like ruffles.

Over a Button-Down

Channel your inner gossip girl by layering a crewneck sweater over a crisp button-down shirt. Fold or pop your collar, then rub your sweater sleeves to reveal the shirt from the wrists.

Sweater with Trousers

Over the past year, baggy dress pants have become a celebrity-favorite casual staple. While they're still stylish enough for the office, they're also great for casual days, especially when paired with bulky combat boots or sneakers. Regardless of the color of your sweater, beige or black dress pants are likely to complement your look, whether the goal is neutral, minimal or something that feels balanced, such as a vibrantly patterned top paired with simple bottoms.

Sweater with Sweatpants

For chilly days on the couch, a sweater and sweatpants are loungewear heaven. Throw on your favorite sweater and ditch the jeans for baggy joggers. Mix and match colors for a cozy, quirky fashion statement.

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