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How to Care for a Knitted Sweater?

How to Care for a Knitted Sweater?

May 6,2023
 Care for Knitted Sweater
Warm, comfortable, and easy to style - A quality knit sweater is a must-have for every wardrobe, and with the right care, it will last a lifetime.

Knitted sweaters can be made from many different fibers, from animal hair (such as lambswool, angora, and cashmere) to vegetable materials (such as cotton), and petroleum-based fibers (such as acrylic). A quality knitted sweater made from natural materials is a lifetime investment and should be treated as such; the following guide will help you do so. While this guide is based on wool, the fiber most commonly used to knit sweaters, you can also follow it to care for knits made from different fibers.

How to Wash Knitted Sweaters?

Wool has temperature-regulating and self-cleaning properties and is breathable and odor-absorbent, so you won't need to wash your knitted sweaters as often. Most of the time, simply shaking woolen clothes or laying them flat on a chair overnight to let them air out naturally is enough.

If you find that your knitted sweater does need a wash, hand wash it in cold water with eco-friendly wool laundry detergent. It's important to avoid harsh cleaners and bleach as they can damage delicate materials. Try not to rub and scrub knit sweaters as this can cause surface abrasion; instead, let the garment soak for up to 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with clean water.

Note: You may find websites that say you can machine wash your knitted sweaters, or it may depend on the exact type of fiber. However, to be on the safe side and to protect the delicate knitted surface, it is best to hand wash directly.

How to Remove Stains from Knitted Sweaters?

If possible, rinse any stains immediately with cool or lukewarm water, but if that doesn't work, try spot cleaning. Apply some wool laundry detergent to a clean damp cloth and dab the stain without scrubbing or rubbing. Avoid harsh stain removers and detergents containing bleach as they can damage the finish and color of knitted fabrics.

How to Dry Knitted Sweaters?

Drying knits the right way is important to maintaining their quality and shape. Never wring or hang dry a knitted sweater as wool tends to stretch, especially when wet. Instead, first roll the garment in a clean, dry towel and press gently. Once the towel has absorbed excess moisture, carefully shape the braid and lay it flat on a dry towel or drying rack. While you may want to place wool garments near or on a heater to speed drying, you should avoid doing this, as excess heat can damage delicate fibers and cause knitted sweaters to shrink.

How to Store Knitted Sweaters?

Because wool stretches easily, it's best to store your knitted sweaters neatly folded in a drawer or shelf with some space between them, as tightly packed clothing can provide an inviting environment for moths. Keeping dried cedar or lavender in your closet will also help protect your knitted sweaters from moths, and if you plan to pack your knitted sweaters for summer, remember to shake them gently from time to time to keep moths at bay.

How to Deal with Yarn Pilling and Pulling?

While wool softens with each wear, it can also start to "pill" -- small patches of fluff, especially in areas that get rubbed during wear. While you can't completely avoid it, you can reduce pilling by limiting friction as much as possible, such as avoiding bags and belts that rub against knitted fabrics. However, it's important to understand that pilling isn't a sign of poor quality, it can actually add personality to an outfit. If you prefer, you can remove the pill by gently pulling it down with your hands. Avoid using de-pilling devices such as "wool razors" as they can damage the fabric.

From time to time, you might also hang your knitted sweater from jewelry or other objects and then pull the thread loose. If this happens, you can use a crochet hook to easily pull the yarn over the back of the garment before tying the knot. Avoid pulling it too hard, and don't cut the thread, as this will create a hole in your knit garment.

Holes are easy to patch, so don't throw away your garment just because of a few stitches. You can learn to fix it yourself - a process called "stitching" - or ask a professional or even your family and friends to fix it.

Knitted Sweater Care Precautions

Be sure to review the garment care instructions.

When washing and drying, avoid exposing the knitted sweater to high temperatures and direct sunlight.

Only iron knits when absolutely necessary, using the low setting and placing a clean protective cloth between the fabric and the iron.

Never hang, rub, or twist a knitted sweater as this will damage the fabric and shape of the garment.

Never dry a knitted sweater; it can cause damage and may even shrink your garment.

The easiest and best way to care for your knitted sweaters is to wash them as little as possible!

Caring for a knit sweater can seem tricky at first, but following the above guidelines will ensure you'll be able to enjoy your knit garments for many seasons to come. If you want to buy knitted sweaters, welcome to contact us.

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