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What are ChenHong Minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

What are ChenHong Minimum order quantities (MOQs)?

Update Time:2022/12/31

Our MOQ is 150. But we still need to do an evaluation of the sweater you need to produce, if the product is of high complexity then the MOQ will increase. The MOQ is 150 for all similar products in the product. So if you don't know the complexity of your sweater, you can refer to our similar products.

If there is no sweater similar to what you want to make in the product, don't worry, it may be because there are not enough products on display, the MOQ of the sweaters you want to make may only be 150, we welcome you to inquire about the situation.

Of course, this minimum order quantity is just a standard. If you want to know the specific minimum order quantity of your product, you can contact us via email

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