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How to Choose a Knitted Dress and What to Wear It With?

How to Choose a Knitted Dress and What to Wear It With?

Mar 30,2023
knitted dresses
knitted dresses
The idea of a multifunctional wardrobe now dominates current women's fashion trends: a piece of clothing should suit multiple situations and work well with other items in your wardrobe. Indeed, this sounds promising! So you can immediately start revamping outdated things to bring something new and versatile to your wardrobe. I recommend choosing a dress in knitted fabric first.

A jersey dress will become your favorite for the colder days: it's versatile, it's low-maintenance, and it does look luxurious. Knitted dresses are very easy to match, both for work and study and for casual occasions. Therefore, today we will come to a comprehensive strategy: whether knitted dresses are worth buying, what are the advantages, and what are the advantages.

Knitted Fabric

Knitted fabrics are quite different. It can be a thin stretchy material for a tank dress or cocoon dress, or a fairly dense knit similar to your favorite sweater. Knitting yarns can be composed of natural and man-made fibers such as cotton, wool, viscose, acrylic, modal, etc.

Both the appearance of the skirt (or rather, the knitted fabric it is made of) and its properties depend on the composition: if it accumulates heat, it will warm you up, or, on the contrary, it will cool you down. For winter, I certainly recommend woven or knitted textiles with ribbed or cable-knit patterns: such dresses look very beautiful and comfortable. Well, for lovers of smooth textures, there are dresses in woolen knit or jersey.

Knitted Dress Styles

As I mentioned earlier, styling a knitted dress depends a lot on the texture of the material. Thin knits with elastic threads can give you dramatic tank dresses, T-shirt dresses (both loose and fitted), and fitted knee-length dresses.

Thicker jersey can be used to create a sporty hoodie dress or an office wrap dress: this pattern is versatile and can be used on many dresses. Warm knitted dresses, in turn, are more like long sweaters, made of dense knits and various weaves.

Dress Color

I recommend that you choose colors based on what your knit dress will go with. If you have black tall boots and a wide belt in your arsenal, you can combine them with any color you like. If the shoes and belt you want to use are colored, you will need to choose the color of the dress from the color wheel and match it to your color type. 

Juicy emeralds, sky blues, fuchsias, and oranges are in trend this season, along with reds and earth tones. Well, the classic styles of loose sweater dresses, fitted turtleneck dresses, or wide neckline knit dresses in neutral colors like black, cream, beige, caramel, and gray never go out of style.

The above introduces the selection and matching skills of knitted dresses. If you want to buy knitted dresses, please contact us.

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