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What Size Sweater Should I Buy?

What Size Sweater Should I Buy?

Nov 8,2022
Online shopping is convenient; scroll through the retail world without leaving the comfort of your couch. After a few clicks, your purchases fly right to your door. The downside of online shopping is not being able to get into the dressing room to try on a size or three. As mentioned above, size differences from one store to another can be surprising, so we can't always rely on standard UK sizes from different websites and brands.

What is the solution? The best way to make sure you get the sweater that fits your body size is to take measurements. Most online items should include a size guide, which usually includes several measurements that allow you to compare them to yours. At CHENHONG, we recognize the importance of using a size guide, so we measure everything in-house and publish the size guide with the merchandise.

What Measurements Should I Take and How Do I Measure a Sweater?

We recommend measuring some precise points on a sweater you already own and a sweater that fits you, then comparing the measurements to the size chart to determine your size. Our advice is to lay the garment flat on a table or other flat surfaces and use a sewing tape measure for the most accurate results. Now let's review the main areas to measure and how to measure them.

Chest - With the sweater laying flat, place the tape measure horizontally under the side armhole seams.

Waist/Hem - Without pulling the sweater, measure horizontally from end to end. You should measure where the hem begins.

Sleeve Length – Extend the sleeve at an angle so that it is straight and without bulges, then place a tape measure from the underarm seam to the tip of the cuff hem

Shoulder Width - Measured from one shoulder seam end to the other

Sweater Length - To accurately measure the length of your garment, place tape in the center of the sweater and measure from the back neck seam to the hem.

Side Note - It may also be helpful to take actual body measurements, which will help determine things like your shirts and pants. It's worth asking someone to help you make measurements easily and accurately.

Shirt Neckline - Measure around the neckline where the collar is naturally placed. Place the end of the tape over the front of the neck and wrap it around until the ends meet. Make sure it's tight and flat. Round up instead of down.

Chest - At the widest point of your chest, wrap it around your body, feed under your arms, and make sure it's as level as possible. Pull close but not too tight.

Natural Waist - Your natural waist is the smallest point of your torso, usually above your belly button. This measurement is helpful for pants and jeans.

Inseam - Wear a pair of shoes to measure your inseam. Start the tape measure at the crease at the top of the inner thigh and move the tape measure down to the hem of the pants.

As a general rule, knitwear measurements are accurate (unlike jacket sizes), and people often mistakenly assume that knitwear and jackets are the same sizes, which is incorrect. Because a sweater is sized by its knit, you simply lay the sweater flat and measure its inches across the chest from armhole to armhole, then double. For example, a sweater with a 21" bust is a 42" sweater.

For the record, a jacket can be two sizes smaller than your knitwear size, so if you're wearing a 40" jacket, you're most likely a 44" knit.

The above is a brief introduction to the method of purchasing sweaters to confirm the size. If you want to customize sweaters, please contact us.

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