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The 6 Main Types of Sweater Necklines

The 6 Main Types of Sweater Necklines

Aug 2,2022
There are many different types of sweaters today, and the materials used to make them vary. However, we often overlook the different types of sweater necklines (or necklines in general).

For example, everyone knows all the popular V-neck and crew-neck sweaters. But what about turtlenecks and faux turtlenecks? Yes, these are two different neckline styles. Here's what you need to know about sweater neckline styles.

Shawl collar

A shawl collar is a crossover style of the neckline. While the design has style, its main purpose is to provide more warmth to your neck area.


A turtleneck is a tall, fitted collar that you can roll up or roll up. The typical turtleneck stretches from the collarbone to the jawline.

Round neck

The round neck is a popular neckline design for sweaters. Mainly found on pullovers, it's wide enough to slip over the top of the head and snugly close to the base of the neck.

V neck

This is basically the V neckline on the front of the sweater. It usually exposes a small portion of the upper chest near the collarbone.

Ribbon collar

These sweaters have a small "band" or "tab" of fabric at the neckline, which makes the neckline look smooth, flat, and elegant. Both V-necks and round necks can have this feature.

Spoon collar

The spoon collar is well below the normal limits of the neckline. It can also be used to show off a little cleavage.

The above briefly describes several types of sweater collars. If you want to customize sweaters or want to buy sweaters, please contact us.

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