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Types of Sweater Materials

Types of Sweater Materials

Jul 20,2022
It is very important to choose the right type of fabric when shopping for a sweater. The type of sweater material you choose (also known as a knitted sweater) can make or break your style and comfort.

For example, if the material used to make the sweater is too light, you will feel cold. On the other hand, if the fabric of the sweater is too thick, then you will be hot and sweaty.

Different types of sweaters use different kinds of fabrics, but it's best to use natural fibers rather than synthetic fibers. Natural fibers look better, feel better, and last longer.

Sure, sweaters made from natural fibers cost more than those made from synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester, rayon, etc.), but consider it an investment that keeps paying back. Below are the different types of sweater materials.


Wool, more specifically sheep wool, is the most common fabric used to make sweaters. Different grades of wool directly affect the softness and warmth of the sweater.

Merino, Shetland, and Lambswool are the maximum commonplace types of wool. Merino gives the softest of sweaters. Lambswool is a near second followed by using Shetland. Maximum sweaters which are itchy are made from coarse wool. Greater than likely Shetland.


One of the most expensive sweater materials doesn't come from sheep. Instead, cashmere comes from goats. It is made of a goat's soft undercoat. It is a luxury material in the sweater knitting world. Cashmere is extra soft, lightweight, and warm.


After wool, cotton is the next most common type of material used to make sweaters. Cotton, while soft and lightweight, is durable and cool. Given its lightweight nature, cotton sweaters are best worn on cold spring or summer nights.


100% silk sweaters are not common. Conversely, adding silk to a sweater knit adds extra insulation. Silk is soft, durable, and retains heat (hence insulating properties).


Linen is lightweight and breathable to help keep you cool. A great choice for warm weather. The only possible downside is that linen tends to wrinkle.

The above briefly describes several common types of sweater materials. If you want to buy or customize sweaters, please contact us.

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