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10 Must-know Tips to Prevent and Remove (wool) Pilling

10 Must-know Tips to Prevent and Remove (wool) Pilling

Jun 13,2022
We're all familiar with this're totally in love with your new wool sweater and wear it as much as you can. But after a few wears, your sweater is already showing those annoying little balls of fluff. When it comes to pilling, no sweater is safe. We explain how pilling happens, but more importantly: how to get rid of it!

First, we want to get things straight. The fact that sweaters are pilling has nothing to do with price or quality. This is just an unavoidable characteristic of many types of wool. Even the fanciest sweaters can't avoid pilling, as every wear or wash causes the fabric to fray, and abrasion is the biggest cause of pilling.

Each fabric has its pros and cons, and in general, the rule states: The more fuzz in the fabric and the shorter the fibers, the more likely the fabric is to pilling. Thick and loose knits are at greater risk of pilling than heavier, tighter knits. But if you're a fan of chunky knits, we totally understand you won't give them up. Below, we share tips and tricks for preventing and removing pilling. 

Prevent pilling

1. Allow your clothing to rest for at least 24 hours between wears. Stretched or damaged fibers have a chance to "recover" naturally.

2. Always wash according to the label. They are there for a reason.

3. Always use a mesh wash bag to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

4. Use a hand steamer to delay washing. Steam is also a safe way to clean and refresh clothes.

5. Always store folded wool garments. Don't forget to leave plenty of surrounding space in your closet.

6. Use special wool detergent or delicate wash. Effectively cleanses while remaining gentle and nourishing

Remove pilling

7. Do not pull on the tablet. This will only cause further damage.

8. Never use a disposable razor to remove pills. This increases the risk of more damage.

9. Use a sweater comb, pumice stone, or laundry brush to remove light pilling.

10. Always use a professional wool shaver. Use it according to the directions for the wool shaver.

The above introduces how to prevent sweaters from pilling and how to remove them. If you want to know more or want to buy a new sweater, please contact us.

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