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Trends in Sweater Vests

Trends in Sweater Vests

May 31,2022
The sweater vest trend has been dominating the fall of 2021. Get ready to stay warm and cozy during the transitional weather months, and you'll want to add a proper knitted tank top to your wardrobe soon.

Now, the vest has several iterations with more ways to wear it. Read the following articles to learn more.

Geometric prints

While printed long-sleeve sweaters can sometimes overwhelm an outfit, a patterned sweater tank top is the perfect way to add sparkle to your look while maintaining balance. Consider layering it over a white oxford shirt with a pair of blue jeans and booties.

Fit neutrals

The sweater vest subtly incorporates the knitwear trend, inspired by 90s school uniforms. To give them recognition in 2020, fashion girls are opting for muted neutral shades that look original when paired with black and white outfits. Available in polished crew neck and casual deep V styles, both styles are very popular.

Neck roll

For those who want to wear a tank top alone, turtleneck styles will quickly become the go-to in your wardrobe. Perfect for pairing with pleated skirts, jeans, and trousers, the roll-neck vest is stylish and versatile - even in warm weather. However, for peak winter wear, just put a down jacket on it to get a full look.

Soft pastels

In terms of color trends for 2021, there are two schools of thought—neutrals, or a variety of bright, professionally mixed shades. Pastel is right in between. Consider wearing a pastel-hued tank top over a crisp white shirt to take advantage of a pop of color, or pair it with other complementary colors for a cheerful look.

Oversized knitted sweater

The oversized tank top meets the ribbed knit trend and is perfect for lounging at home or going out. To top off a silk slip dress, pair it with a wool coat and shearling-lined loafers for a sexy look.

The above briefly describes the fashion trends and matching methods of knitted vests. If you want to know more or want to buy knitted vests, please contact us.

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