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How to Eliminate Static Electricity in Sweater?

How to Eliminate Static Electricity in Sweater?

May 23,2022
Because it is relatively dry in winter, it is easy to generate static electricity, such as our hair, such as the sweater we wear. Especially when you take off your sweater before going to bed, you will still hear crackling static, and if you turn off the lights, you can still see a little static, these are normal phenomena. However, sometimes static electricity can cause some problems. So how to eliminate static electricity in sweaters?

How to eliminate static electricity in a sweater?

1. If conditions permit, it is best to add diluted fiber softener when cleaning or spray it on the sweater because it can soften the fibers and reduce static electricity generated by friction. If the sweater is dry, you can lightly apply it to the garment with warm water poured into the fabric softener.

2. Wipe the clothes with a clean damp towel, or spray some water directly with a small sprayer, and add a small amount of fabric softener. Then spray a little to get rid of static.

3. When the sweater often has static electricity, it may be because the air in the living and working environment is too dry, so humidify the air. You can spray water mist in the air, use a humidifier, place a wash basin directly, or spray water in the air.

Why sweater has static electricity?

In fact, no matter what sweater is, it will generate static electricity, especially wool, cashmere, chemical fiber sweaters, sweaters woven with cotton threads will have less static electricity, or wearing pure cotton clothes inside and outside the sweater can reduce static electricity.

Textile materials are insulating materials with high electrical resistance. When wearing, friction between fibers and between fibers and other objects causes the transfer of charges on the surface of objects, which creates static electricity. 

In addition, the air is dry in winter and the humidity is low. The static electricity generated by the sweater is not easily transmitted to the air, and the moisture content in the sweater fiber is also very low. In addition, the material itself of the sweater is also easy to be charged by friction, so the sweater will generate static electricity in winter.

Is static electricity harmful to the body?

In daily life, everyone is exposed to static electricity for a long time. For example, in winter, taking off your clothes can also generate static electricity. This kind of static electricity is harmless to the human body, but if the static electricity reaches several thousand volts, the harm will be particularly great. up. However, static electricity in life is usually not life-threatening to the human body.

The above are some tips to prevent sweaters from static electricity. If you plan to buy sweaters, please contact us.

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