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How to Keep Your Sweater from Getting out of Shape?

How to Keep Your Sweater from Getting out of Shape?

May 17,2022
When you take wool and cashmere sweaters out of your closet, you may notice that the wool and cashmere are slightly deformed or frayed in places. But not all sweaters are like that! With a few care tips and helpful products, you can keep your sweater looking brand new for years to come.

Washing and caring for a sweater requires more effort than a basic tee. Because they're made from heavier, more stretchy materials, sweaters are more likely to stretch, deform, or wear out. But with these simple tips, and a few storage and care accessories, you can keep your sweater in perfect shape for years to come.

Always fold the sweater when storing

One of the best ways to keep sweaters in good shape year after year comes down to how you store them. Sweaters, usually made of heavier and/or looser woven materials, can actually add to their own weight when hung upright on a hanger. The weight of the lower body of the sweater will drag on the rest, pulling down from the shoulders and stretching the sweater out of shape. To avoid stretching sweaters, store them folded.

Wear a T-shirt under the sweater

One way to keep your sweater in good shape is to not wash it too much. If you're not overheating and sweating profusely, or if you're wearing a sweater to a place with a strong smell (like a campfire), you can usually just let it dry. But there's one more thing to consider: Even if you're completely sweating and odor-free, deodorant is another no-no. If it's left on the material for too long, it can damage or stain your sweater, which defeats the whole point of skipping alternating washes.

To avoid this problem, when the weather is cool enough, wear a basic white T-shirt underneath with a thin layer of clothing between the sweater and your skin. 

Always lay the sweater flat to dry

Throwing a sweater in the dryer is not a good option. In its place is a mesh drying rack to ensure they dry evenly without stretching. The breathable mesh surface allows air to circulate through the fabric so your sweater dries evenly. This will also prevent any damp parts that can cause a musty smell.

Remove fluff and pilling with a fabric depilator

Even with the best care, sweaters can eventually develop some fluff and pilling. In many cases, a dehairing tool can refresh the material without damaging it. They have protective stainless steel blades that quickly and gently remove pieces of protruding fluff or lint, leaving the rest completely unaffected.

These tips work on any type of sweater, from heavy pullovers to cozy cardigans, and everything in between. Just follow these simple tips and you can keep them looking new for years!

The above briefly introduces how to prevent the deformation of sweaters. If you plan to buy sweaters, please contact us.

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